is another example of an affiliate site that will use lies to promote Clearpores.  In this example, they trash the Vilantae name brand in hopes that you will prefer the Clearpores product.

The screen shot below was taken from their site.  Read it, and then we will point out the lies.

This site only focuses on the Capsule version of Vilantae and ignores the Liquid Vilantae.  There is nothing dangerous about drinking the liquid Vilantae.  This site completely ignores this version of the product.  Not only that, but it also ignores that the capsules are small.

Vilantae does come with a few side effects.  To quote the Vilantae website, they are:

As you can see, there are only three side effects.  Loose stool, stomach irritation, and possible headaches.  That is it.  Vilantae has the backings of a medical study to prove these are the only side effects.  Yet suggests there are “Many more” without even naming any.  The truth is there are no other common side effects.

Vilantae sells Cold Fusion. It is a topical acne treatment that kills bacteria, relieves the face of dead skin cells, and fights inflammation.  

It also seems to claim there is a cure for acne.  This is not true.  Unfortunately, acne has no cure.  But simply by using the word, it raises the hopes of desperate people looking for one.  Then out of desperation, they try a product that looks good just because other products were made to look bad. This wastes their time, and money.

Consumers want to make informed decisions when they buy online. Sites like this falsely represent other products in order to make them look bad. Vilantae is highly praised around the internet by sites that have no agenda.

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