Affiliate websites will say anything to promote a product with a better pay out.  Some Affiliate programs use misinformation to sway their readers away from a good treatment with a fair pay out for a bad treatment with a high pay out.

Have a look at the screen shot from

As you may or may not know, Vilantae comes in two forms.  Liquid and Capsule.  It is true that you have to take a lot of small capsules, but to counter that, Vilantae also comes in a drink.  Note how this site focuses on only the capsule product.

Why would they do that?  Perhaps it is to promote another product.  Namely Clearpores.

Have a look at this chart from

Notice how “perfectly” they rated Clearpores.  It is odd how it is the only thing with perfect marks.  From this chart, there is nothing wrong with this product.  Even though users rated clearpores at a 2 (out of 5) and Vilantae at a 4 (out of 5), this chart finds no fault with clearpores!  Maybe that is because it is biased…

It does, however, find plenty of faults with Vilantae, even though they are all wrong (except for one).  Vilantae does offer a topical system, it is called Cold Fusion.  Vilantae does not dry out your skin.  Vilantae does not care if you are in the sun.  It does have some minimal side effects when you first start to take it, but these go away after a few weeks.

The chart fails to include a column labeled “Works.”  Maybe they hope you won’t ask about that aspect.

Again, be cautious of what you read online.  Even seemingly innocent product reviews have biased agenda’s behind them.

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