You may have seen sites comparing Vilantae to Clearpores.  On those sites, Clearpores is always highly rated.  It also is said to have certain benefits over Vilantae.   Other sites that do not advertise for Clearpores praise Vilantae as being the best solution. Is it true? 

It is very difficult to trust anything you read on the internet, so who is telling the truth?  Vilantae stops acne in much the same way as Accutane.  That alone tells me something is wrong with the claims that Clearpores is better.  So I wanted to have a look at a third party site.

Ratings according to

Vilantae Ratings
Clearpores rating
Clear Pores Ratings
Clearpores rating is a great site for acne product reviews.  People log in and give their honest opinion about different acne treatments, holding nothing back.  Every product gets both good and bad ratings. As you can see from the images above, Vilantae is clearly rated better than Clear Pores.

Interestingly enough, Vilantae is also rated higher than Proactiv Solution, Tetracycline, Differin, Murad, and Neutrogena Products

So why do these sites that claim Clear Pores is better?  The answer to that question calls for a quick lesson in internet marketing.  Most sellers offer something called an “affiliate” program.  An affiliate program is a way of advertising a product on another person’s site.  When a visitor buys a product through that site, the site owner gets paid a commission.

Clearpores and Vilantae both have affiliate programs, but Clearpores’s commissions are much higher than Vilantae’s.  This means site owners get paid more money if they can convince visitors to pick Clearpores over Vilantae.  

Affiliates know the more sites they create, the more chances they get to make a sale.  So they recreate the same site with the same biased information several times, each slightly different.  This, as you can tell, inspires misinformation to be spread across the Internet.

This makes it very difficult to trust reviews online.  How do you know what reviews to trust?

When looking for reviews, try to find non-profit sites. One reason I went with to review the products above is because it allows real users post their actual experience.  If they are mad at a product for not working, they let you know.  If they liked a product, it shows.

So beware of sites promoting products from multiple companies.  Always get a non biased third party review.  Doing this will help you make more informed choices when you buy online, saving you time and money.